Smelly Rugs? Get Rid of the Dirt!

You would be surprised at how simple dealing with bad odours is. During the summer – the season where all smells become evident and nothing can hide – you will become aware of just how many sources of bad smells you have in the house. And one of them is all too obvious, since you are standing on it, probably as you are reading this – your rug. Yes, that is right: rugs are often a source of bad smell, and the reason is actually a pretty obvious one, if you think about it. Your rugs are smelly because of all the dirt stored between the piles. Continue reading Smelly Rugs? Get Rid of the Dirt!

Secrets to cleaning with kids

Everyone wants that wonderfully clean, always company ready house. Well, with life and kids, that doesn’t always happen. But with a few simple tricks you can accomplish a clean house that doesn’t take a week to get ready. What’s my secret? I’ll go over the finer points here.

  • Limit the amount of toys you allow your kids to have out and allow them only in their bedrooms. They can also help you clean up their toys when the time comes. I find that having kids take out one or two toys at a time, or one bin of toys, if it all goes together, can really cut down on the amount that gets left out and in the way. For instance, if my daughter wants to play with Continue reading Secrets to cleaning with kids

Family Scheduling Tips

Every year our kids get older and somehow find that one more activity to do. Maybe it’s a new club, a new sport or another friend to hang out with. Then you also have all the original activities that each child is doing. How do you keep it all together and make sure no one misses any meetings or events?

With a really big calendar. I like to use a calendar with tear off pages and hang it in a very prominent place in my house. Usually it ends up by the front or back door, depending on which one we use the most. That way, we can see it when we go to leave, or come home. The back door is the one Continue reading Family Scheduling Tips