Smelly Rugs

Smelly Rugs? Get Rid of the Dirt!

You would be surprised at how simple dealing with bad odours is. During the summer – the season where all smells become evident and nothing can hide – you will become aware of just how many sources of bad smells you have in the house. And one of them is all too obvious, since you are standing on it, probably as you are reading this – your rug. Yes, that is right: rugs are often a source of bad smell, and the reason is actually a pretty obvious one, if you think about it. Your rugs are smelly because of all the dirt stored between the piles.

You bring in much more dirt than you think. Every single time you go outside and then come back in – that is when specks of dirt are brought in numerous ways. It could be because of your shoe soles, or maybe you just dusted them off your clothes. If you have a pet, then it would literally roll the dirt into the rug and good luck with the rug cleaning then.

But speaking of rug cleaning, the actual cure for that is pretty simple – just do frequent maintenance on your rugs. A bit of getting the rug clean today and a bit next week, and they will not get at a point where the smell will ever be a problem. If you are having troubles with picking your rug cleaners, then you have quite a few options:

  • The most obvious one is a cleaning company. If you have the savings, go for it.
  • You can also use shampoo. Surprisingly, shampoo is an excellent rug cleaner and it will do wonders to keep your rug clean and fresh.
  • The standard homemade cleaners also work: baking soda, white vinegar, lemon juice – they are all just as good.

Use these methods and frequently clean your rug. Make sure the floors are taken care of at an even interval. Do it every two weeks or so, maybe you can go a full month without cleaning the rugs, but then you should definitely do something. Otherwise you will feel what it is like to have dirty and smelly rugs around the house. That is one sensation you do not want to be aware of.